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As a modern law office residing in the heart of Berlin, it is our ambition to provide ideal consulting for entrepreneurs and businesses of all industries and sizes. Thus, we offer economically viable solutions to our national and international operating clients, that smoothly integrate into their current day-to-day business. Our special focus lies on the sustainability of our work.

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Business Law

Since economical law is our core competency, we consult in a wide variety of topics ranging from shares in a company to legal enforcement. Hence, we cover you in all questions concerning your business. Through a long-term relationship with us, you will be relieved and you can solely focus on the actual running of your business.

Consumer law

We advise you with the same professionality and commitment, absolutely transparent regarding our fees in your everyday legal disputes – out-of-court or if necessary in court.

  • Business Law

    IWhether entrepreneur, family business, middle class or big enterprise – we support you in all economic matters. Let yourself be convinced by our quality and our attractive terms.

  • Construction and real estate law

    IIn the branch of construction and real estate law we consult with the experience of many subject-specific mandates. Our clients are medium and big-sized construction companies, engineers, project managers, building owners, architects, technical planners and investors. We support you in the assessment of the opportunities and risks of your project and search together with you and our team of engineers and builders for an economically and legally ideal solution.

    To construction and real estate law

    Let us accompany you from the first planning decision to the marketing of your property.
  • IT-Law

    • Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen – AGB
    • B2B
    • B2C
    • Datenschutz
    • Datenschutzgrundverordnung – DSGVO
    • Internetrecht
  • Legal department

    Let us free upspace.

  • Litigation

  • Consumer law

    The consumer law provides extensive protection in all aspects of life. Due to the significant European organisation in the last 10 years even throughout Europe. We support you in your disputes competent and reliable.

    Our services include among others:

    • adhortatory letters
    • subscription traps
    • Ebay, online auctions
    • Debt collection claims
    • Sales law
    • Travel law
    • e-commerce
    • Contract law
    • Traffic law
    • Revocation right
  • Labour Law

    Employees live through their businesses and businesses live through their employees. As an economical oriented law office, we advise employers from the conception and negotiation of employment contracts to their termination.

    To labour law

    We also advise employees in labour law.

  • Travel Law

    Wir beraten Sie umfassend zu allen rechtlichen Fragen im Reiserecht, zum Beispiel bei unplanmäßigen Änderungen oder Reisemängel.

    The European regulation on flight compensation 261/2004 constitutes our main focus in the area of consumer law. We advise you in the events of flight delays, flight cancellation or denied boarding competently and consequently to ensure your title from up to 600 Euros per person and flight.

    To flight compensation

    We also advise and represent you in all cases regarding your luggage, whether it is delayed or lost. In this instance, international law in form of the so-called Montreal Convention needs to be considered, which holds a few traps. Lastly, we take care of your claims regarding travel deficiencies. Due to the short deadlines, it is important to contact us as fast as possible after an incident.

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